About Us

Revisable was created with a core mission in mind:
to improve the quality of writing worldwide by providing writers with a free application that focuses on the power of peer review and collaborative editing.

Revisable offers a unique writing experience unlike anything else before it. With Revisable's help writers can now get from first sentence to final draft with ease and efficiency. This is because the Revisable platform does the job of seamlessly connecting writers with collaborator feedback, making editing and revising a breeze while eliminating the confusion of tracking paper draft progression.

At the end of the day we want writing and editing to be a stress-free experience. We strive to accomplish this by offering customizable and intuitive menu features that enhance the writing process. We look forward to your use and enjoyment of our application and hope you will provide us with your suggestions to improve the Revisable experience.

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Happy Writing!

The Revisable Team.